Core Supply Chain

Supply Chain is no longer just about physical products; it’s also about customer experience!  Direct customer contact for Service and Support is often provided by outsourced and even off-shore suppliers.  Products are designed by global networks of collaborative partners.  These trends highlight the key role Supply Chain thinking and disciplines play in successfully delivering end-to-end customer experience and core business value.  The Supply Chain challenge now encompasses building one’s capabilities to reliably deliver the value proposition, whether through internal or external resources, and whatever the combination of physical, digital and experiential elements.

Supply Chain success is not only about optimizing costs.  It is also about maximizing the business value of a network of partners and suppliers.  Establishing the business models and teamwork that best leverage each player’s capabilities and eliminates waste is essential to maximizing business value.  This approach, along with our functional expertise, enables TRG to work with clients as well as their partners to maximize business value:

TRG’s Supply Chain expertise and experience spans the continuum of physical, digital and experiential elements, across the spectrum of strategy through execution.  We also currently maintain a special interest and focused expertise in: