Product Introduction

New product and service offerings are now often designed, as well as delivered, by global networks of collaborative partners.  And with the growing importance of customer experience, today’s enterprise development imperative is to integrate management and best practice across the company as well as the entire “eco-system”.  Building and operating the needed interconnections for this new environment demand not only creative approaches, but also real-world grounding and discipline, experience and tact.

Product and Service Development success is not just about shrinking time.  It is also about delighting customers, establishing dominant market positions, and driving outstanding returns. TRG’s Innovate 4 ResultsSM approach brings together the overall business picture, functional and project focus and senior managerial judgment to enable us to work with clients and their partners to get where they want to go:

Taking roles as process consultants, project leaders, coaches and/or program managers, we make it our business to help clients bring new and better products, services, business models and ways of operating into the world.  We currently maintain a special interest and focused expertise in: