Every client business is unique, just as every person is unique.  Successful persons learn from one another, and the most successful often learn the fastest and the most – and put knowledge into practice.  Successful companies do the same.  We add value by creatively and pragmatically leveraging our expertise/experience to accelerate learning – and rapidly putting knowledge into practice with our clients.

With over 80% of our work conducted as repeat business, we have developed significant experience in several industries.  Click on the industry links below for related client success stories.

TRG’s functional expertise is concentrated within and across the key operational domains below.  As thought leaders, player-coaches, process consultants, project managers, and interim managers, the TRG Team brings this expertise to bear in every assignment.  Click on the domains below to learn more.

We continually strive to add to our base of experience and expertise in new business models, processes and challenges.  We take pride in leveraging this knowledge in new ways, rooted in experience, for the benefit of our clients.