Sustainability is both means and end.  Environmental sustainability can be seen and used as a means to achieving top level business goals (ends) such as lower costs, higher profitability, more customer satisfaction and higher sales.  In this respect, sustainability is just like other key operational objectives such as reducing delivery cycles.  Delivering faster and more reliably than competitors serves the higher objective of increasing business, but this isn’t going to happen unless someone in the organization focuses squarely on increasing speed.  Similarly, someone must focus squarely on sustainability as an end in order to achieve the greatest business benefits.

TRG clients systematically utilizing sustainability as a catalyst for improvement have:

TRG’s business-based approach to sustainability draws on our many years of experience in the complete spectrum of supply chain operations and interconnections with the enterprise and business ecosystem.  TRG’s approach, illustrated in our Sustainable Enterprise Maturity Model, is a natural and integrated outgrowth of our successful history of results-based work.  Some of TRG’s client results and thought leadership pieces are illustrated in: