Customer Experience

The most enduring rule of business is that customers always want more: more enjoyable experience and faster gratification. Just throwing money at customer experience, shotgun style, may provide some marginal effect on customer satisfaction and business differentiation, but this approach can neither be sustained nor yield superior returns. And poorly conceived or executed programs can attack expense but put customer experience and lifetime value at risk. Firms need better tradeoffs and better outcomes that yield exceptional Customer Experience, scalable operations, low cost and better overall profitability.

Better results demand a holistic and businesslike approach, integrated across the enterprise as well as its delivery ecosystem. We help stitch together the enterprise and ecosystem in support of better results by applying customer lifetime value and profitability concepts, dovetailing service/experience design with customer needs and product characteristics, embracing supply chain best practices that pull together partners, and optimizing execution through the blocking and tackling of process management and improvement. These kinds of approaches enable TRG to work with clients as well as their partners to maximize Customer Experience business value:

TRG’s Customer Experience and Support expertise runs from strategy through execution, from high volume to low, systems to software, and physical products to services. We currently maintain a special interest and focused expertise in: