Posit Science

Your firm is building a new software category, enlisting word-of-mouth as a key part of marketing strategy.  Unfortunately, the call center is flooded with questions from early market customers concerned about late shipments.  With the root causes of these problems not yet identified, disappointing these critical early customers could nevertheless undermine your attempts to realize huge market potential. This entrepreneur's nightmare was the situation faced by Posit Science and their exciting Brain Fitness offerings.

TRG and Posit Science rapidly put fulfillment operations on a solid footing:

Many of the fulfillment issues were caused by insufficient process discipline in defining and bringing new offerings to market along with execution shortcomings in the supply chain.  TRG helped transform these problems into success by leveraging expertise and experience in supply chain, product introduction and organizational development:

Steven Aldrich, Posit Science CEO, said that "TRG's positive impact with our company was both strong and fast.  They made a big contribution to increasing customer satisfaction and profitability. Most importantly, TRG enabled us to raise the capabilities of our people, processes and systems as a solid basis for our continued growth."