Hyperion Solutions

Your enterprise software company is disappointing customers with slow response to quality issues - Support and Quality personnel are unaware of the complete account picture.  Your firm is simultaneously leaving Support Revenue on the table – support entitlement information scattered across multiple databases means missed renewals.  Hyperion Solutions, an Industry leader in enterprise software, suffered from these unfortunate byproducts of rapid growth through acquisition.

The acquired companies executed Quality Management and Customer Support with five dramatically different processes, systems and data structures.  This made seamless handling of cross product issues and consistent customer experience difficult and slow to achieve.  As the overall product line converged to an integrated suite, some customers were concerned that Hyperion’s “left hand did not know what its right hand was doing.”  The lack of meaningful enterprise-wide metrics, driven by divergent approaches, hampered quality improvement efforts.

Robert Gersten, Chief Development Officer, stated “We wanted a much tighter connection between the customer support system and the defect tracking system, as well as across our product line.  TRG helped us get this done quickly and effectively”.